Min Quantity: 50 units

Size: 12cm x 5.9cm x 5.5cm

Packaging: Colour Box

Waterproof Film Camera:
Focus Free
28mm f/9.0 Picture taking Lens
Easy Film Loading System
Thumb-Wheel Film Advance System
Included Wrist Strap
Detachable Waterproof Casing

1.35mm camera with clear plastic waterproof casing
2.Remove camera from outer casing by flipping open blue clip in direction of arrow .
3.Remove camera from casing to load 35mm film.
4.Camera operates best up to maximum depth of 10 feet and distance of 4 feet.
5.For underwater use place camera inside waterproof casing .
6.Make sure the rubber seal is free from any dirt or debris in order to from any dirt or debris in order to form waterproof sea around the camea ,Close back cover o waterproof casing .
Lock tight with the blue clip