PremiumGift.my is a inspiration of the founder of Galaxy Meridian Sdn Bhd which has an strong interest in creative promotional products related projects.

We aim to become The Best Promotional Products Advisors in Malaysia by helping our corporate client to execute a successful promotions using promotional products and promotional items.


Congratulation to your wise decision. Yes you are making the smartest decision by choosing us to become your promotional products supplier .

Galaxy Meridian Sdn Bhd committed to provide highest level of service with promotional products or Promotional merchandise which have ready stock in malaysia. We are based in Kuala Lumpur to serve you better via proximity.

We Ultimate goal is to become the best custom-made promotional items in Malaysia with a motto “We Research,We Design,We Manufacture, We Deliver”.

Our success is measured by our clients success.

Galaxy Meridian Sdn Bhd are passionate about building long-lasting client relationships. This dedication motivate us to go “above and beyond” on our client’s behalf.

Galaxy Meridian Sdn Bhd demonstrate this personal dedication to every client, from the largest corporation and government agency to the startup and sme industry.

Just tell us your budget, then let us work out the best promotional products concept which able to fulfill your company business goal.


PremiumGift.my is trades under the name Galaxy Meridian Sdn Bhd and is a company which specialize in providing one-stop solution in custom-made promotional products with corporate logo.

We had massive experience in high standard product design process which set by world famous company such as Sanrio Co., Ltd.

We are capable to perform all the following services to our valued client.

  • Research corporate premium gifts ideas
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Development
  • Design Documentation
  • Prototype
  • Manufacture
  • Quality Control
  • Delivery

Types of promotional products

Galaxy Meridian sdn bhd have the capability to fulfill any amount of budget promotional gifts or High End Corporate Premium Gift as per following:

  • Ceramic mugs with logo
  • High quality umbrella with logo​
  • Eco-friendly jute bag with logo
  • BackPack Bag with logo
  • Toiletry bag with logo
  • Shoe Bag with logo
  • Vacuum Flask with logo
  • Plastic Containers with logo
  • Keychain with logo
  • Usb Drive with logo

Just tell us your budget, then let us work out the best promotional items which able to full-fill your company business goal.



  • Free Consultation on Premium Gift Selection
  • Various Choice of Latest Premium Gift Design
  • Best Practice in Product Design
  • Sample Prototype Available Upon Request
  • Custom Design Available Upon Request


This section is devoted to answering some of the common questions asked by our PremiumGift.my’s Client.

Yes Definitely. As a General Rule, The Order Quantity will have a strong impact on the price of the promotional products. The Larger Ordered Quantity of the promotional products, the better price that we can offer to our value client.

Yes.Absolutely! We can offer various type of premium gift ideas which able to full-filled client budget as well as the business goal because we have very strong relationship with our local promotional products manufacturer and promotional products manufacturer.

Yes . We do keep stock some of the fast-moving promotional products for our dedicated client.

Yes. This is one of the our Core Strength because we have extensive experience in performing customized corporate promotional items for some of our international client which require an extremely strict standard of procedure in producing the customized corporate promotional items.

Yes.As the matter of fact, this is one of core service which provided by PremiumGift.My in order to archieve our business vision which is becoming the best corporate gift, premium gift and door gift supplier in malaysia.